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UI and UX Designing

UI and UX Designing

Design a great experience for your users on the web and mobile platforms

We help SaaS companies overcome product design challenges. Every single day.

SaaS is a complex product and its complexity can’t be solved with the beauty of minimalist UI. Making products simple takes proper planning.

Remember the user interface in Slack or Dropbox?
Even a child can understand it, it’s that easy. Yet both Slack and Dropbox are complicated systems that include multiple design layers and complicated user flows.

No matter how tight our product cycles are, we never jump straight into Sketch too early. We invest time in bringing order to your requirements and understanding what we’re about to design. This results in a simple and coherent product experience of UI and UX Designing.

Design for experience, and you will get more engaged customers

User experience design often
boils down to creating products that
are usable.

But being focused on the How without understanding the Why and What of product use will put you at risk of building a product people don’t need. User-centered design isn’t just a pair of buzzwords. It’s an approach that increases your chances to make a great product.

UX research

To design a great app we need to understand who your users are, in what context they will use your product, and what needs they will be looking to meet. This is what we will be doing during the research phase – the start of user interface design.

UX strategy

Think of a UX strategy as a plan that details how the design will work. To visualize our UX strategy, we create wireframes. They align your product vision with user needs and the product’s technical capabilities.

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